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2015 NFL countdown: 3 weeks left and a look at Cardinals jersey No. 21

This has some history .

Tom Hauck/Getty Images

There are eactly three weeks -- 21 days -- until the regular season for the Arizona.

Who who has worn 21?

It is cornerback Patrick Peterson's number now.

Antrel Rolle wore it.

The guy to remember, though, is Terry Metcalf. He wore 21 from 1973-1977. He was a third round of St. Louis and wasa  running back and return specialist. He was dynamic. Watch:

He made three Pro Bowls in five seasons. He had over 1000 from scrimmage in three seasons. He was a ton of fun to watch as you can see.

His son, Eric Metcalf, would play in the league as well, who made a career as a return specialist and dual threat in the backfield. Eric played one season for the Cardinals in 1998 when the team made the playoffs.

Do you have any other 21 memories? The full list you can find here.