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Quotable moments from Cardinals vs. Chargers

Some quotes worth reading

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

As working media after football games, you get a ton of quotes. Some of them easily make it into a story. Others don't. While there are stories still to come, here are some quotes worth sharing, either for entertainment or for information and insight.

Bruce Arians on David Johnson:

"I thought after he quit dancing and got out of the dance studio, he ran real well."

Arians on whether coaches told Johnson to stop dancing:

"We had a nice talk about dancing. He can go out for Dancing with the Stars if he wants to dance."

Arians on whether there is a leader in the QB3 battle:'

"No. I think after (a game), you always judge the tape. But we'll see how it goes."

Arians on the officials:

"Don't ask me about officials, please. That's why I'm hoarse. we need to relearn rules that they changed two years ago. Like I said, this crew might need eight preseason games to get ready."

Arians on rookie D.J. Humphries allowing a sack:

"Bad technique and bad effort. He got outfought, simple as that."

Carson Palmer on whether he thinks he can overthrow JJ Nelson:

"When I let it go, I thought I had overthrown him. I can't wait to watch it on film. He must have hit the nitrous button because he took off and got out there underneath that thing."

Palmer on wanting to get hit, did he enjoy it:

"I did. I did. It's just good to get those out of the way and get your body acclimated. Like I said last week, wanting to start getting that soreness, get your body used to that soreness and I did."

Chargers coach Mike McCoy on whether he was relieved there was no overtime:'

"Without a doubt."

John Brown on not dancing after his touchdown:

"I'm saving it for the regular season."

J.J. Nelson on whether he saw himself playing with starters this early:

"I didn't see it coming. I came in and competed each and every day and you never know."

Nelson on the Palmer's throw to him:

"I definitely thought it was overthrown at first. I guess a little nitrous had to kick in. It was a pretty good play."