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2015 NFL countdown: 17 days until kickoff and Cardinals jersey No. 17

It's getting so close...and this number has a great player.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

There are now only 17 days remaining until the Arizona Cardinals kick off their 2015 regular season against the New Orleans Saints at home. Of course we all are ready for that game. The offseason and the preseason have gone long enough.

So let us distract ourselves momentarily wit-h jersey No. 17.

It is worn now by receiver Trevor Harman, an undrafted rookie whose claim to fame is being head coach Bruce Arians' nephew. He didn't even get a signing bonus. He likely will end up having been a camp body.

Travis Harvey wore it last preseason and another memorable undrafed training camp star, LaRon Byrd, wore 17 the two previous years.

In the dark days of Cardinals QBs, between 1993 and 2001, there was Chris Chandler (who was never healthy here, but became good enough to lead the Falcons to a Super Bowl later in his career), Dave Krieg (Haha!) and Dave Brown.

The first kicker I remember on the Cardinals was Al Del Greco, He wore No. 17. He had a fantastic career, but was pretty not good with the Cards. His FG accuracy was 64 percent in four seasons for the Cards. He became an 83 percent kicker after he went to the Oilers/Titans for the 10 years that followed. Huh?

But you can't mention No. 17 without going way back to Jim Hart, the franchise's all-time leading passer by a large margin. He played for the Cardinals from 1966-1983 and started from 1967-1981 before Neil Lomax took over. He threw a league-high 30 interceptions in 1967, his first year starting, but would become one of the league's best, making the Pro Bowl four straight seasons from 1974-1977. He passed over over 34,000 yards and had over 200 touchdown passes.

Those numbers deserve a video:

He is the best 17 by far, but do you have any other 17 memories? The full list is here.