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2015 NFL countdown: 16 days until the season and Cardinals jersey No. 16

Jake the Snake!

Elsa/Getty Images

With now only 16 days until the Arizona Cardinals play in their season opener, we look at No. 16 in uniform history, which doesn't have a lot of it.

While it is now worn by undrafted rookie receiver Jaxon Shipley, only 10 other players are recorded has having worn the number. Shipley has played well in the preseason and is a real possibility for the practice squad and perhaps has an outside shot at beating out Brittan Golden for the final receiver spot on the 53-man roster.

Before Shipley?

There was Teddy Williams recently, but there are really only two players worth bringing up -- Jake Plummer and Rich Camarillo.

Camarillo was the first punter for the team I remember. In five seasons with the Cardinals, he was a Pro Bowler four times and a First Team All-Pro once.

Plummer, though, was a fan favorite. Drafted in the second round after being one of the most popular athletes ever to play at ASU, he became a fan favorite as a Cardinal, leading the team to the playoffs in 1998 in most dramatic fashion. He was a big time player late in games and also made many dumb decisions in his Cardinals tenure.

He is considered one of the better quarterbacks in team history and it is actually pretty sad. He threw 90 touchdown and 114 interceptions in six seasons with the Cardinals. He was awful in 1999 when he was picked off 24 times and threw for only nine scores. Of course, this was when the playoff team was gutted and its best players -- Larry Centers, Jamir Miller and Lomas Brown -- were all let go.

Even still, he remains to this day one of the team's most popular figures. He went on to the Denver Broncos to become an effective player, leading Denver to a 39-15 record when he started, making the postseason three straight years and going to one Pro Bowl.

Do you have any 16 memories? The full list is here (or you can just remember Plummer's days).