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2015 NFL countdown: 41 days remaining and Cardinals jersey No. 41

We're almost to Pat Tillman!

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Thank goodness for jersey No. 40 coming tomorrow. As for today,we get another pretty boring number to focus on. There are 41 days until the regular season opener for the Arizona Cardinals.

Who has worn jersey 41?

It is now worn by undrafted inside linebacker Gabe Martin. He got particular mention by head coach Bruce Arians on Saturday as a guy who could possibly play nickel linebacker.

We had Eddie Whitley last year and Hamza Abdullah a few seasons ago, but since the Cardinals have been in Arizona, the number has really been unimpactful.

The guy who is the clear winner of the best of 41 is defensive back Jimmy Hill, who played for the Cards from 1955-1964, playing in booth Chicago and St. Louis. He was a three-time Pro Bowler, making it 1960-1962. he picked off 19 passes in nine seasons, including five in 1956 and four in 1961.

Are there any other 41s you remember? The complete list is here.