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Arizona Cardinals offensive line could have 'one of the most dominating left sides in the NFL'

Left tackle Jared Veldheer loves having Mike Iupati next to him.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have gone out and spent a lot of money on the offensive line in free agency the last two offseasons. They added left tackle Jared Veldheer in 2014 and signed guard Mike Iupati this year. They anchor a much-improved Cardinals offensive line.

Veldheer believes this line will be very good.

"I think we already know that we're going to be a really great group," he said. "There's a lot of confidence in our group and our expectations are high. Nothing sort of greatness is going to be ok with us."

In particular, with Iupati playing guard right next to Veldheer, the left tackle believes "we can be one of the most dominating left sides in the NFL."

He believes the running game and passing game will be great on that side.

"I hope they call it our way when it's crunch time because I know we can do it," he said. "I know we can really get off the ball. We have a lot of weight, a lot of power between each other. We're the kind of guys that like that.

"Synergistically in the passing game, it's awesome because (Iupati's) a big guy that's right there on your back for your slide protection. You're not going to have a lot of guys who will want to go inside with him sitting right there and ready to knock him out."

One reporter referenced the Super Bowl and how the Seahawks did not just run the ball on the goalline with Marshawn Lynch and asked if Veldheer would want a run play his way. Veldheer said, "Yes, right between our butts."

Cardinals fans really don't know what they are in store for. It is the most talented left side the team has ever had since they came to Arizona. They have to stay healthy and produce, but there hasn't been another time where there has been two better players on the left side. And with the way the rest of the line is set up, it might be the best line period since the Cardinals came to Arizona. It probably won't be the 1975 line for the Cards, who allowed a record-low eighth sacks in a season (and one was a sack off a fake field goal).

Is Veldheer right? Will this line be great and will the left side be one of the best in the league?