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2015 NFL countdown: 14 days remaining and Cardinals jersey No. 14

Only two weeks left!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

There are just 14 days remaining until the Arizona Cardinals start the regular season at home against the New Orleans Saints. You can almost taste the feeling of football excitement, can't you?

As there are 14 days left, let's look at the unremarkable No. 14 for the Arizona Cardinals.

There is some potential for the number right now, as it is worn by rookie receive J.J. Nelson, the team's fifth round draft pick this year. A little guy our of UAB, he was thought to really only be a return specialist. He has been making an impact as a receiver and is the team's No. 3 receiver with Michael Floyd out. He is very, very fast and makes plays. We will see if he can make an impact on the 2015 season once Floyd returns.

If you want some bad memories, think back the last three years -- 14 was Ryan Lindley's number. Need we say more? I love Ryan the person and he clearly showed two coaching staffs things they wanted to see in practice, but he was statistically one of the worst quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL.

Beyond that, there really is no one else worth mentioning.

Do you have any other 14 memories? The full list is here.