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Cardinals vs. Raiders preseason 2015 live updates and reactions

This is your live open thread for the third preseason game.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Preseason game 3 is here! The Arizona Cardinals and the Oakland Raiders play in Oakland and traditionally this is the closest to a regular season as we will get. However, for the Arizona Cardinals, it will not be quite the same. While typically teams will play their starters the entire first half and even a series into the second half, the Cardinals will play Carson Palmer and some starters a little more than a quarter.

Who all are not expected to play? According to ESPN's Josina Anderson, running back Chris Johnson will not be able to play, as he still is having issues with his hamstring.

As for others, I haven't seen any list come out or anyone on Twitter mention it.

This will be your open thread for the first half of the game.

Remember the following:

1. Language restrictions are removed for game threads, but please do not be excessive.

2. Personal attacks are still not permitted. If you are a guest to the site, remember you are a guest. For the members of the site, please treat our guests as such as well.

3. No requesting or sharing online game feeds. You will be banned.

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