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Cardinals vs. Raiders results: Whose stock rose, fell in preseason Game 3?

Let's see who helped themselves and who hurt themselves.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports


Ifeanyi Momah

Less than six months ago, Momah was fighting to get on a roster in the much maligned veterans' combine. Now? The former receiver is playing like he and Darren Fells could be the long-term answers for the Cardinals. If anyone player is poised for a breakout season on this roster, Ifeanyi Momah is that player.

Marion Grice

Against the Chargers, Grice showed off his pass catching ability. Yesterday, he showed his rushing ability. The problem is the Cards have a huge logjam at running back and there just may be too many guys ahead of him. But after posting 5.7 yards per carry and 10.7 yards per catch, I would be shocked if Grice doesn't get on a roster on some team in the NFL.

Alex Okafor

The coaching staff has been praising him since he got healthy last season and he has been the only consistent pass rusher on the team. While there are other players who may be contributors this season, Okafor is the only chance for a decent pass rusher in 2015.


Bradley Sowell

If anyone needed a reminder about how much this team needs Bobby Massie, Sowell gave it to them. Granted Khalil Mack looked like a hall of famer against Jared Veldheer. That is no excuse with how badly Sowell was getting beaten. I'm willing to put money that the team tries to retain Massie at the end of the year.

Brittan Golden

Golden is a player who flashes greatness only to follow it up with a huge mistake. For example, tonight he made a catch only to fumble the ball. If not for it being ruled a a catch or Momah recovering the ball, that play can change a game. Say what you want about the outcome, but that type of play can easily be called the other way. The Cards cannot be willing to leave games up to chance like that.

J.J. Nelson

There will be people who think Palmer was to blame for his second interception, but they are wrong. Nelson is a rookie and showed that tonight by making poor decisions and not being on the same page with Palmer. Despite the mistakes, he is going to be a credible threat this season.