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2015 NFL countdown: 13 days until Week 1 and Cardinals jersey No. 13

This one has Kurt Warner!

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are just 13 days away from their regular season opener. It is getting so close! That means we look at the number 13 for the team, which has very little history in length, but it does have one memorable player.

Who is today's No. 13? That would be receiver Jaron Brown. He made the team as an undrafted rookie out of Clemson in 2013. He has been the highlight reel provider of training camp, although he has been inconsistent. He does, though, appear to have a roster spot locked up for his work on special teams.

Way back in 1998 and 1999, kicker Chris Jacke wore 13. Jacke was signed late in the 1998 season when the team's regular kicker, Joe Nedney, got hurt. Jacke kicked several key late field goals to get the Cardinals to the playoffs. He would kick for the team in 1999 as well.

But the No. 13 we have to remember is quarterback Kurt Warner, who is a member of the team's Ring of Honor.

He was signed as a free agent in 2005, after he had been bumped from a starting job in both St. Louis and New York.

His  first two years as a Cardinal were spent between starting and the bench. He was turnover prone his first year in Arizona, throwing nine interceptions and fumbling nine times in 10 games.

He would be benched in 2006 in favor of rookie Matt Leinart and then, beginning in 2007, things changed.

Ken Whisenhunt used Warner in two-minute drills instead of Leinart. Then Leinart got hurt and Warner put up some fantastic numbers. In 2007, he would throw for 27 touchdowns in 14 games and the team finished 8-8.

He was given a shot to win the starting job in 2008 and did, then taking the Cardinals to the Super Bowl and then to the playoffs the next year before retiring.

His retirement also brought back the quarterback carousel until Carson Palmer was acquired in 2013.

13 doesn't have a ton of history, but the little it does is memorable.

Do you have any other 13 memories? This is the full list of those who have worn it.