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Michael Floyd injury: How will the Arizona Cardinals adjust in his absence?

It does not appear there is a need to go get another player.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The initial news was bad. It was believed Arizona Cardinals receiver might miss up to 12 weeks with a hand injury. It turns out he might not miss any regular season games, as his hand is not broken and his fingers are not broken. They are dislocated.

Immediately, for many, thoughts went to signing a free agent receiver and Reggie Wayne came to mind because he is still unsigned and has played for Arians in his offense.

But with Floyd out maybe only the preseason, all it becomes is a great opportunity for some young players to make an impact.

It was set in stone that Floyd, Larry Fitzgerald and John Brown are the top three guys at the position. It seemed like a like Jaron Brown is the number four.

Now, with Jaron getting the number three treatment, it gives him a shot to show off for the next month. It is an important year for Brown. He will be restricted free agent after this season and showing he is capable of being more than just a special teams guy and fourth receiver will make a big difference in what he can make next year.

If Jaron can show he can be a top three guy on a team, it could be enough to allow the team to let Michael Floyd go in the offseason if he has another up and down season, thus saving the more than $7 million he is due next season.

But that isn't even the bigger evaluation help with Floyd out. Now it gives Brittan Golden and J.J. Nelson more reps and preseason playing time. It just might be the two players are battling for one spot. More reps and playing time should make it easier (or it might make it harder) to make that decision.

As for role of the top three, will we see Larry Fitzgerald slide into Floyd's spot and stay outside, or will Jaron come in as WR3 and play outside, leaving Fitz in the slot? Likely Fitz will stay in the slot because Bruce Arians really wants to leave him inside to exploit mismatches against lesser cornerbacks.

How do you see things shaping up in Floyd's absence?