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2015 NFL training camp: Jaron Brown had taken steps back before brilliant catch

Apparently his camp hasn't been as good as one would think.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The other day receiver Jaron Brown made a fantastic grab. It was the highlight of the day, and many began to talk about Brown's potential as a receiver. Currently he is entrenched in the fourth receiver role. Accepting that can be a bit of a trap and perhaps put a guy in a state of complacency.

Perhaps that is what has been happening this year in camp because head coach Bruce Arians indicated Brown has not had a great camp so far.

When asked if Brown was making steps in his progress as a player, Arians said he "finally" was.

"He had taken too many steps backwards in the previous weeks until that catch," he said. "He caught everybody's attention with that catch, so he put a little more money back in the bank because he withdrew a bunch. Finally nice to see him make a deposit."

Maybe all he needed was to get some pads on.

Now he has a great opportunity to show he can be more than a special teams guy and spot receiver. With Michael Floyd out for about a month, Brown slides into a prominent role as WR3. He can show in practice and in the preseason he can be a solid WR2 or 3, one worth giving consistent playing time and trust to throw the ball to.

It can pay off, too. He will be a restricted free agent after the season. Such a tender is worth much more than he is making now or he could play well enough to have the Cards decide they could move on from the inconsistent Floyd.

That's still a ways off, but that catch is a good way to start. Now he just needs to keep making deposits in his effort and play.