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2015 NFL countdown: 36 days left and Cardinals jersey No. 36

We have some player we might remember.

George Rose/Getty Images

Now there are only 36 days until the Arizona Cardinals open their regular season against the New Orleans Saints. That means we look at uniform No. 36.

It is now worn by an undrafted rookie cornerback -- C.J. Roberts.

It was worn last year by first round pick Deone Bucannon, who switched to No. 20 this year.

You might remember guys like LaRod Stephens-Howling and David Barrett in the last 15 years. They also wore it.

Vai Sikahema wore it from 1986-1990. He was a Pro Bowl and All-Pro returner his first two seasons in the league before the Cardinals moved to Arizona. When the team moved here, it was a homecoming for him. He grew up in Mesa and graduated from Mesa High School. On a personal note, while I only met him once as a teenager after he was close to retiring or had retired, his parents and my parents attended the same church congregation.

He had a pretty good career for a guy drafted in the 10th round -- back when the draft was 12 round.

Going way back to 1968-1971, 36 belonged to running back MacArthur Lane. St. Louis drafted him in the first round in 1968 and he started out as a returner. He then had full time running back duties beginning in 1970.All he did was rush for 977 yards, lead the league in touchdowns with 11 and make the Pro Bowl.

Do you remember any others? Here is the full list.