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2015 NFL training camp: Bruce Arians talks tackling, Weatherspoon, injuries, linebackers

Some quick hitters after morning media session.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The media talked to Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians and a few players after the team's morning walk-through. Here are some of the most important things that came up.

Too much tackling

Arians was pleased with practice, except for the "poor etiquette of tackling players" by some young players. They were tackling starting receivers, which is a no-no. They were threatened they could get kicked out.

Weatherspoon reestablishing himself

Arians said he just needs to stay healthy and he will make an impact. His passion is very noticeable.

Other linebackers standing out

Kevin Minter "has been doing very good job." Arians mentioned Andrae Kirk and "Poundcake" Edwin Jackson (a name given to him by Larry Foote). Alani Fua "really flashes at times" and has position flexibility.

Not "make or break" Minter

Arians doesn't think Minter is in a crucial year for his play. "In his package and he's healthy, he's played really good," Arians said. "He played with one arm last year."

He reiterated, " we didn't bring him in here to play dime, we brought him in here for Seattle and San Francisco to play the run."

Both Minter and  Kenny Demens are "rock-em, sock-em football players," rather than "basketball players spread out all over field."

Golden progress

Rookie Markus Golden is playing well, but he has issues with quarterback containment. He has a habit of going under and letting the quarterback out of the pocket. That will be an issue in the NFC West.

Gunter at the nose

Rookie Rodney Gunter has had a chance at nose tackle and has done well

Ed Stinson

Stinson has "bounced back real well" from his injury last season and is doing a good job at "getting after the quarterback," He has to consistently do that to be in the mix for the final roster.


That's it for now. More about specific things people said will come later.