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2015 NFL countdown: 35 days left and Cardinals jersey No. 35

A Hall of Fame number!

Vincent Laforet/Getty Images

There is NFL football today and there are now 35 left before the Arizona Cardinals open their regular season against the New Orleans Saints. That means we look at a great number to remember -- 35.

It is now worn by cornerback Cariel Brooks. Yeah, you probably don't know who he is and you won't remember him after the preseason.

In recent years, it has belonged to Javier Arenas and Anthony Sherman.

But the No. 35 we have to know is Hall of Famer Aeneas Williams. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame just last year.

He was a third rounder in 1991 and, were it not for the flair and notoriety of Deion Sanders, combined with the anonymity of playing for a bad Cardinals franchise, he could have been known as the best corner of his era. He was with the Cardinals until he left to play for the St. Louis Rams in 2001 and to finish his career. He won a Super Bowl while there. He did, though, get to play in the postseason with Arizona in 1998.

In his 10 seasons as a Cardinal, he intercepted 46 passes and scored eight touchdowns. He went to six Pro Bowls -- every year from 1994-1999. He was a first team All-Pro twice with Arizona and once with St. Louis, where he also was a Pro Bowler twice.

He was one of the greatest players ever to don a Cardinals uniform and was my personal favorite as a teenager.

35 is a great number.

Do you have any Aeneas memories, or memories of any other 35s?The full list is here.