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Ifeanyi Momah to IR with knee injury, Arizona Cardinals sign Joseph Fauria

He will replace the injured Ifeanyi Momah.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are have made a move at tight end on the roster. After the report of Ifeanyi Momah needing knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus, the team has signed former Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria and placed Momah on season-ending injured reserve. Fauria was cut last weekend by Detroit.

Fauria is only 25 years old, but is coming off of injury problems himself. He played in only seven games in 2014.

He is 6-7, 260 pounds and has 24 career catches, eight for touchdowns.

Fauria appears a natural fit. He is the big tight end Bruce Arians likes. After all, over the last couple of years, the players at the position on the active roster have all been at least 6-5. And as it seems all Cardinals tight ends must get hurt, Fauria also fits in with his ankle issues.

Hopefully he can avoid the trainers table while in Arizona and be able to contribute at least a little.

There is some question as to why Momah had his season end. Some peoples have come back after only a few weeks when they needed their meniscus repaired. It has not been stated exactly the extent of Momah's injury. Perhaps there is more to it. Also, to use the IR-designated to return would mean no one else could use it.