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Thursday Night Football, Steelers-Patriots live updates and reactions.


Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Guess what? FOOTBALL IS BACK! The 2015 season opener has the world champs at home with Tom Brady playing. The New England Patriots will host the Pittsburgh Steelers to kick off the new season.

After all the talk of suspensions, destroying cell phones and deflated balls, commissioner Roger Goodell saw his authority take a hit and Tom Brady is on the field where he should be -- playing football.

Whether you like either team or not, this game is worth watching. the matchup has two of the league's best offenses and two of the best quarterbacks. Both Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady combine for a lot of jewelry -- six championships and nine Super Bowl appearances.

Cardinals fans traditionally hate the Steelers, with two main reasons. One is because there are so many obnoxious Steelers fans in Arizona and the other is because of the Super Bowl loss. However, rooting for Tom Brady seems unsettling for many fans.

Who are you rooting for? Are you watching?

This is your open thread. Discuss the game, the teams and the players here. Enjoy!