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2015 NFL countdown: 3 days until Game 1 and Cardinals jersey No. 3

Yay! Carson Palmer!

Mike Powell/Getty Images

With three days left until the Arizona Cardinals have their season opener, we look at a number that is super important this year -- No. 3.

It is the number worn by quarterback Carson Palmer, on whose shoulders this year's fortune firmly sits. He has worn it since he joined the team in 2013.

Other notable "3"'s?

Kicker Jay Feely wore it while Kevin Kolb was here. A very serious Derek Anderson wore it in 2010. Kevin Butler, a Hall of Fame kicker and father of current Cardinals punter Drew Butler, wore No. 3 his two seasons kicking for Arizona.

Remember Timm Rosenbach? The last player the Cardinals took in the supplemental draft also wore it. He was a tragic story. He played the entire 1990 season and showed some promise. He threw for over 3000 yards and rushed for over 400. But he was sacked 43 times.

He had knee problems the next season and only started three games. He gave up on football after that, having become shell-shocked from the hits he took.

Do you have any "3" memories? The full list of players is here.