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NFL Week 1 preview: Overreactions coming after 1 week of NFL games

You know it's true.

With the real NFL season here, but with only having one week of games, there will be plenty of overreactions. Heck, Cardinals fans know about how things can change. We saw a 4-0 start to a season end 5-11 in 2012. Heck, I even remember the vibe in the locker room -- that season felt special to start out, with how they were winning games.

In the Bruce Arians era, Arizona lost their season opener in 2013, falling to the St. Louis Rams, giving up 14 fourth quarter points. The defense was terrible and the offense just wasn't clutch enough.

They ended the season 10-6.

In 2014, the Cardinals won 18-17 on Monday Night Football over the San Diego Chargers. Honestly, there were no real overreactions.

What about this year? The Cardinals host the New Orleans Saints to start things off. There is a good chance, because of the weakness in the secondary and the injuries there, Carson Palmer can have a big game. What if Patrick Peterson allows a big catch to Brandin Cooks? Will it be disappointment all over again?

Every game counts, but Week 1 isn't enough of a sample size to make big predictions.

Of course, after a Cardinals win on Sunday, they are going to the Super Bowl, right? We will all forget everything about overreacting.