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NFL Week 1, Cardinals vs. Saints 2nd half live updates and reactions

The Cardinals are winning, but can they hold on?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The first half is over. The Arizona Cardinals have a 14-10 lead. However, they gave up a TD after they should have gotten off the field on defense and they ended the first half simply running out of time after a Carson Palmer scramble.

It has been a tale of New Orleans screen passes and Carson Palmer.

Palmer is 12/20 for 161 yards and a touchdown. Drew Brees is 15/21 for 125 yards and a score, but 73 of those yards are pass plays to running backs.

Arizona was penalized for too many men on the field after a timeout when the Saints were going to punt. That gave them a first down and they finished the drive with a touchdown.

What is in store for the second half? Stick around!


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