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Cardinals vs Saints: Player of the Game

Some rose and some fell, but enough Cardinals rose that we need help deciding the player of the game!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals brought the New Orleans to the desert for their first game and sent them home with their first loss.

It was a hard fought game, but the Cards claimed victory in the end with many spectacular performances by players on both sides of the ball. Below we have a list of nominees for the Week 1 player of the game.

And the nominees are ... :

1) Carson Palmer: How could you expect him to NOT receive a nomination with a comeback performance like that? Cards fans got exactly what they had hoped for with Palmer's return. On his first drive he made smart decisions, drove the ball down the field, hung in the pocket under pressure, and capped off the drive with 7. He went 19/32 with 307 yards and 3 touchdowns (Madden was pretty accurate). Welcome back Carson - we're glad to have you!

2) Darren Fells: Just when the Cardinals thought their tight end problems could not get any worse, the solution to their problems stepped right in front of them (probably stiff arming a defender on his way). Fells had a great performance for the Cardinals hauling n 4 grabs for 82 yards and a touchdown. He also is nominated for play of the game with his 48-yard reception that set the Cardinals up for a touchdown. Have a day Darren Fells, have a day.

3) Larry Fitzgerald: According to the stat sheet and University of Phoenix Stadium, Larry was the man once again. He led the wide receivers on both teams in receptions with 6 and yards with 87. Even though he did not get a touchdown, Larry pumped up the crowd and made some great catches. One of those great catches came during the 4th quarter where Larry caught the ball between two defenders for a gain off 22 yards and moved his team into Saints territory. Larry has not lost his spark yet, folks!

4) Tyrann Mathieu & Alex Okafor: I put these two together because I could not choose between them. Okafor had a great game where he recorded 5 tackles total - 4 unassisted in addition to making a big 3rd down stop with the pressure he put on Brees to force New Orleans to punt late in the game. He was also the only player on the Cardinals to get to Drew Brees - not once but twice. Mathieu on the other hand seemed to be everywhere on the field, constantly applying pressure on Brees while making great defensive plays. He recorded a team high of 8 unassisted tackles, which is a stat that speaks for itself.

So who do you think deserves the honor? We know it is a tough decision, that's why we are asking you! If you think there is a player that should be on this list that is not - comment below who it is and why.