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2015 NFL power rankings: Patriots at the top after dominant Tom Brady performance

Team rankings after one week of football.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we finally have one week of actual NFL games in the books. What did we learn? Well, there are most certainly some surprises. Tom Brady and the Patriots looked very good, but the Pittsburgh Steelers moved the bal up and down the field well.

The Colts and Broncos disappointed, although Denver did get a win. Should we be more surprised at the Rams or the Seahawks in the 34-31 St. Louis overtime win? Is Seattle in trouble on defense without Kam Chancellor, or are the Rams a real threat this season with Nick Foles as their starter.

The Vikings, who everyone said is a team to watch out for, looked awful on Monday night and the 49ers, a team that appeared to be a dumpster fire, wasn't They didn't look great, but they showed the talent on the team should still shine.

Oh, and it isn't yet time to hand over those Super Bowl rings to Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles, as they lose the season opener on Monday night to the Falcons, who might actually have themselves a defense.

Here are ROTB's first set of power rankings for the 2015 season. You are obligated to be angry as fans.