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Quotable moments from Cardinals/Saints

What were some things players and coaches said?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

It know it is a little late, but I like to post some quotes that are worth reading but might not be worth a story alone. I get audio from the Cardinals players and Bruce Arians. I am given transcripts for the opposing team coaches and players. Here are some of those quotes.

Bruce Arians on Chris Johnson's play:

"I thought Chris looked good. He'll get more touches and we will feel very confident if he is our lead dog and then David (Johnson) has been backing him up."

Arians on the type of speed David Johnson:

"Real good."

Arians on why they spread the ball around offensively:

"I just say check your ego at the door. I don't care if anybody catches 10 passes ans long as nine or 12 players catch passes and nobody drops them. Because Carson (Palmer) is going to distribute to where the coverage says, not to who is getting it and we don't design anything to who is getting it. It's Cardinals offense, not somebody's offense."

Carson Palmer on if he was hurt at all when he slid at the end of the first half:

"No, no. When I slid, I slid on the brace and it just took a big chunk of turf out."

Drew Brees on whether the deep pass was taken away:

"Yeah, we called a few and didn't get the best looks when we did. We always come into games with a lot of options to call. The times where we did, they just weren't there."

Jerraud Powers on the late pass call to David Johnson:

"I thought it was a heck of a call. It was one of those calls I probably would have on a game of Madden or something."

David Johnson on what he was feeling as he was running for the touchdown:

"Don't get caught, first off. Just keep running and run for the touchdown. Glad that I was able to help the team."

Patrick Peterson on the team putting faith in David Johnson to catch the ball:

"Yeah, but he was a receiver so he can catch pretty good."

Marques Colston on his drop:

"Next question, man."

Larry Fitzgerald on passing on second down instead of running out the clock:

"In Coach Arians' car there's no cruise control. You're always going to have your foot down on the pedal."

Fitz on hoe much Carson Palmer overthrew him on that downfield pass when he was wide open:

"He got some pressure in his face, so he had to get it up a little earlier than he was hoping. I'm not 22 anymore. I need to be close. He's spoiled throwing it to J.J. (Nelson) and Smoke (John Brown). He can throw it as far as he wants. Those guys will run underneath it."