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Broncos vs. Chiefs picks, picks against the spread and live updates

Picks and an open thread.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It is time for Thursday Night Football. We get to see what Peyton Manning is made of. He was a very mortal 24/40 for 175 yards and an interception in the season opener against the Baltimore Ravens, although the Broncos did get the win.  Manning now has to play on a short week on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs, who rolled to a season-opening win on Sunday and who are very, very tough to be at Arrowhead Stadium.

What about a wager against the Vegas spread? Kansas City is favored by a standard home team three-point advantage. KC has a very strong secondary and defense this year. They lay very tough at home and Manning appears to be weak and entering a short week. While Manning is such a competitor, it is so hard to beat the Chiefs in their stadium that this is a no-brainer -- Chiefs -3.

The writing staff also has their picks. Here is how they look:

Jess Root: Chiefs
BigRedBilly: Chiefs
Jesse Reynolds: Chiefs
Tyler Derby: Chiefs
Randy Fields: Broncos
Seth Cox: Chiefs
Robert Norman: Chiefs
Skii: Chiefs
Kent Hodder: Chiefs

That is 8-1 in favor of the Chiefs. We'll see how it turns out.

This is also your game thread. Enjoy!