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NFL TV coverage map, Week 2: Cowboys-Eagles on display for everyone

Check out what games will be on for you.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

It is Week 2 of the NFL season. It is time to get up and watch some NFL games. For those of you who have the NFL packages and can watch every game, this is not for you. If you are going to a game, this is not for you. This is for those who will be watching games on television today. It comes from 506 Sports.

Everyone will get to see the Seahawks and Packers play, as that is the featured game on Sunday Night Football. But what about the games on FOX and on CBS? Today CBS gets one game and FOX gets two.

FOX late game:

We will start here because it is easy.The Jacksonville are and the San Francisco market, which includes the area north of San Fran up the Pacific coast, do not get any FOX game. The rest of the country will get Cowboys/Eagles.

FOX early games:

There will be no game televised due to NFL rules in the following markets: Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Buffalo.

Cardinals/Bears: This game airs in most of Arizona, most of Indiana, most of Illinois, in eastern Iowa, the northeast corner of Missouri and in Milwaukee.

Falcons/Giants: This game is airing in most of New Mexico, most of Texas and Oklahoma, in the Jacksonville and Miami areas, in and around Memphis, much of Alabama, almost all of Georgia, most of South Carolina, Eastern Tennessee and in the northeast states from eastern Pennsylvania all the way to Maine.

Buccaneer/Saints: This game's viewing area is in the south. Most of Florida will see it. Much of Alabama will. Almost all of Mississippi, all of Louisiana, most of Arkansas and the eastern border of Texas, including Houston, will see it.

Rams/Redskins: This game is limited to most of Missouri and the border areas of Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, Arkansas and Kentucky. It will also air in most of Virigina and Maryland, as well as some bordering areas.

Lions/Vikings: This game is focused in the north states and part of the Midwest. From the eastern half of Montana all the way through Michigan will get it. The Toledo, Ohio area gets it. Both Dakoptas, part of Wyoming and most of Nebraska and Iowa are included.

49ers/Steelers: This is the game the rest of the country gets.


Dolphins/Jaguars: This late game matchup will air in and around New York City, almost all of Florida, most of Georgia and small bordering areas in Alabama and South Carolina.

Texans/Panthers: This game is featured in the South. Excluding Baton Rouge and New Orleans, as well as the northern regions of Mississippi and Alabama, it will air from the eastern borders of New Mexico, all through Texas and on heading through the South. Part of Georgia gets the game, as well as almost all the Carolinas.

Titans/Browns: This game will air in parts of Washington and Oregon. It will be on in all of Tennessee and in bordering areas in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky. It will also be seen in almost all of Ohio, including small areas in bordering states.

Ravens/Raiders: This late game will be on in northern California, parts of Nevada and Oregon, almost all of Arizona. That covers the West. It is on in isolated markets like Baton Rouge/New Orleans, Norfolk, St. Louis and Chicago. It will also air in much of Minnesota, half of Michigan, and in Maryland, Washington, DC, and surrounding areas, including much of Pennsylvania.

Patriots/Bills: This big game will be seen in the west in parts of Oregon and Idaho. It covers most of the states in the northeast, from North Pennsylvania on up, excluding New York City. Much of Virginia gets this game, most of Indiana, much of Michigan and then through most of Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and in parts of Minnesota and bordering areas.

Chargers/Bengals: This is what is on in the rest of the country.