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Join us in our game thread for live updates and reactions

This is your game thread

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Here it is. This is the live game thread for the Cardinals/bears game. Arizona wants to start the season 2-0 and send the Bears to an 0-2 start. It is the Cardinals first road contest of the season, so we will learn a few things about this team in the process.

As has been discussed in other articles, Matt Forte and Martellus Bennett are key for the Cardinals to stop or limit if they want to win.

But this is where you can comment and react to the game. It is our open thread.

We do have a few reminders:

1. While language restrictions are removed for game threads, please don't go overboard.

2. Personal attacks still are not allowed. If you are a visiting fan, please remember this is our community. Be respectful. Community members, remember to treat visitors like guests. We can disagree, but we shouldn't be jerks.

3. Absolutely no requesting or sharing of online game feeds. That will get you banned.

4. Enjoy the game!

Here is also a couple of Twitter widgets to follow.