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Monday Night Football, Colts vs. Jets live updates and reactions

React to the one game on TV.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Only one game is left on the NFL Week 2 slate. Monday Night Football pairs Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts against the New York Jets, who are coached by Todd Bowles. Will  you be watching?

If you are, this is the place to be to react to the game.

Who will win? Will it be Luck rebounding after a tough Week 1 performance against the Buffalo Bills, or will the Jets and their physical defense also cause him trouble?

In terms of interest, Cardinals fans will get to watch Bowles, the former Cardinals defensive coordinator, in action. As for the Colts, they could be one of the best teams in the AFC and some see them making the Super Bowl (I predicted a Cards/Colts Super Bowl for this year).

So while you watch the game, use this post as your open thread. You should know the rules -- no inline game feeds or personal attacks. Yeah, enjoy.