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Cardinals vs. Bears: Player of the game

Cast a vote for the Arizona Cardinals player of the game

Vote for me!
Vote for me!
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The Arizona Cardinals are 2 - 0 on the season, putting up 48 points against the hosting Chicago Bears. With that many points on the board, there were a few Cards candidates for player of the game. Without further ado, here are the nominees.

QB or not QB, that is the question:

Everywhere one reads, the common refrain is that the Cards will go as far as Carson Palmer will take them, and thus, they need to keep him clean. Yesterday Palmer showed why this is a true statement. While he did take a few hits from pressures, Palmer was not sacked once by the Bears. The result? 17/24 for 185 yards. Wait, that's it? I've seen high schoolers play a better game. Oh, wait, I need to point out that 4 of those 17 completions were for touchdowns. Ahhh, the smell of end zone grass. And if you're keeping score, that's 7 touchdowns in 2 games.

The rook from Northern Iowa:

David Johnson added a pair of touchdowns via the ground in the Cardinals victory, and in doing so, now hold the Cards' record for longest scoring play when the rookie broke off a 108 yard kickoff return. Add in a well run 13 yard carry for a score and Johnson is showing true value for a 3rd round pick with his ability to find the end zone. Get this man a nickname, he's here to stay.

Long on effort, not in the tooth:

Larry Fitzgerald is 32 years old. In football years he could be my grandfather...But seriously, after yesterday's game would you believe it? 8 receptions, 112 yards and 3 touchdowns. However, only looking at the numbers belies the truth in his game. It was physical, it was desire, it was the you'll have to kill me to stop me mentality. I'll gladly take a repeat of his performance the next 18 games.

Thanks for the ball, have a stiff arm on me:

The 'No Fly Zone' continued in their ball hawking ways with 2 interceptions on the day. S Tony Jefferson had one of them when Jay Cutler threw behind his TE. Jefferson took the gift, gave Cutler a stiff arm in return, outworked a defender and tiptoed the last 5 yards into the end zone, not to be denied.

Don't cover me, I'm just the extra WR:

To be Jaron Brown. On any other team he's a true #2 option. On the Cardinals team, he's a valuable contributor, but to opposing defenses he's the disrespected man in the bunch of WR talent. That was evident last night when Brown lined up on a play and was sent out to block. Except it wasn't really a block. It was just the smart Cards using everyone's overlooking of Brown's size, speed and movement in traffic to get him the ball and let him follow a monster block from Jared Veldheer into the end zone.

So, who was the Cardinals player of the game? let your voice be heard below.