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2015 NFL power rankings: Arizona Cardinals getting attention in rankings

They are beginning to be seen as a team to be reckoned with.

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After Tuesday's power rankings here on the site, where the Arizona Cardinals are in the top three, it is time to see where they rank around the Internet. This is your weekly power rankings roundup. The verdict after a 48-23 win over the Chicago Bears? They are pretty good. In fact, only one site has them outside the top five in the league, with many putting them third.

If you notice the video above, SB Nation Studios has the Cardinals fifth, but that is with the very small picture, looking only at Week 2 and who played the best.

SB Nation's Dan Kelly, though, looks at more than just Sunday's game and has them ranked fourth once again.

The Arizona Cardinals stick in the fourth spot with a convincing blowout victory over the Chicago Bears, and things are looking up for a team that went without a true starting quarterback for most of last year. Carson Palmer threw four touchdowns -- three to the ageless Larry Fitzgerald -- and Arizona's defense and special teams made major contributions as well. They look like a pretty complete team right now.

ESPN puts the Cardinals third in the league, having moved up three spots.

Keep getting David Johnson the ball. He already has a touchdown via a rush, reception and kick return in two games, something only one player did all of last season (Knile Davis).

CBS Sports' Pete Prisco, who is as close to a Cardinals supporter as anyone in the national media, kept his top five exactly the same. Arizona remains fourth overall.

Their offense will be tough to stop, no matter who starts at running back. They're off to a good start.'s power rankings by Elliott Harrison moved the Cardinals up two spots. They are now third and the reviews for Carson Palmer are glowing.

David Johnson -- all he does is score touchdowns. Boy, all those people who thought the Rams would overtake the Cards in the NFC West had better pump the brakes, or else this will happen. Carson Palmer looks outstanding through two games: He's completed 36 of 56 passes, picking up 8.79 yards per throw with seven touchdowns and one interception. His passer rating for the season? 124.4.

The rankings at Fox Sports have the Cardinals moving up a spot, moving from fifth to fourth overall.

The defense is not generating as much pressure as it did in 2014, but Carson Palmer looks more comfortable than ever with a healthy Larry Fitzgerald as his No. 1 target. When the offense matches up with a defense that can generate more consistent pressure, they will need to prove that they can hold up in protection to allow Palmer to move the ball downfield.

USA Today had to put more stock into the Cardinals. Ranking them 10th after Week 1, Arizona moves up to No. 4.

If they keep getting bonus touchdowns from defense and special teams, maybe they will be NFC's team to beat.

And then there is Yahoo's Shutdown Corner. For some reason they seem to hate the Cardinals or something. It is the only set of rankings that doesn't have the Cardinals in the top five (they are sixth), but the team ahead of them at No. 5 is interesting. The 0-2 Seattle Seahawks are ranked ahead of the 2-0 Cardinals. In what world does that make sense?

It's possible Arizona beat the two worst teams in the NFL in Weeks 1 and 2. Doesn't mean they're good, doesn't mean they're bad, it just means we don't know a ton yet.

Where would you rank your Cardinals?