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Bruce Arians: If Bobby Massie starts, he will have 'a short leash'

The team will decide on Wednesday who will be the starter at right tackle.

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With the return of Bobby Massie from his two-game suspension, it means there is a decision to be made at a starting position. The roster move has been made and running back Kerwynn Williams was the man to go, but now the team has to decide whether Massie returns to his starting role or whether Earl Watford will remain in the starting lineup.

When head coach Bruce Arians was guest on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Alex Marvez on Tuesday, he didn't really give anything away. As he has said before, the decision would come Wednesday. However, he did offer up a little bit of information.

"If he starts, it will be on a very short leash because Earl has played pretty solid," he said.

That is an interesting thing to say, especially since Arians said it would not be an open competition for the spot. "Once we decide, it's over, and it's just a matter of moving on," he said on the radio in Phoenix on Monday.

Can we put two and two together?

Well, if we are to take both quotes at face value, then we should think Massie probably won't return to the starting lineup. How can they not look back if there is going to be a short leash?

Of course, the question then becomes, which is the right move?

Watford has been very good in run blocking, but has given up nine pressures and three hits to Carson Palmer. Massie is supposedly a better pass blocker and this season's success does come down to Palmer staying healthy. However, it isn't as if Massie is a great pass blocker. He was credited with having given up seven sacks last season and another 34 total pressures.

With practice coming Wednesday afternoon and Arians addressing the media afterward, it would appear we will have our answer soon.