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San Francisco head coach Jim Tomsula addresses Cardinals offense, 49ers defense

San Francisco's head coach answered questions about his team's struggles and stopping the Cardinals offensively.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

After a shocking and difficult offseason, the San Francisco 49ers have suffered a rocky start in their first two games. Handily beating the Vikings to being absolutely crushed by the Steelers. First year head coach Jim Tomsula is focused on getting consistency from his team both offensively and defensively.

On Thursday he spoke to the media Tomsula answered questions on how he didn't believe Carlos Hyde was hit illegally against the Steelers and that coaches need to insure they are teaching proper tackling technique to praising the Cardinals offensively.

His more interesting praises included the Cardinals pass protection,

"It’s tough. It’s tough. I mean, these two games and he [Carson Palmer] hasn’t been sacked. They, between the offensive line and the protections and him getting rid of the ball quick and the way they’re playing football."

However, he went on to express support for rookie DL Arik Armstead and his ability to create a pass rush,

"We’re real happy with Arik. Arik’s working and growing.." only to insist Armstead's struggled with inconsistency being a rookie."

In fact, Tomsula had to address the fact that there seems almost entire line changes on defense more akin to how hockey teams play depending upon the formation. For example, Jimmie Ward has been seen playing as the nickel corner, but when the team is playing a dime coverage Ward has been taken off the field.

Tomsula downplayed the large changes saying he does that with the entire defense all in order to ".. put people in positions at their strengths."

On Colin Kaepernick he was just as reserved in his praise saying about Kaepernick,

"I think he’s an extremely talented individual and I’m a big fan. But.. hopefully we’re using his talents in a smart way.. you can become a jack of all trades, master of none because there’s so many things he can do."

He wrapped up his conference giving praise the Cardinals receivers and coaching staff, especially Bruce Arians, but never giving any specific answers on how the 49ers plan on stopping the Cardinals.

Truthfully, it is tough to see how the 49ers could beat the Cardinals. Jim Tomsula seems like a good guy, but he took over an organization right before it went into a tailspin and he may not be able to stop the team from crashing. But if there is one thing the Cardinals cannot do, it would be overlooking a rival while leading the division.

Though, from what I hear about Bruce Arians, that won't be a problem.