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NFL Week 3 TV coverage map

Have a look and see what games are on in different places.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Week 3 games are here. While many people would say there are a bunch of bad matchups. we all know you will be watching the games. Whether it is because it is football, because you have money riding on the results of games or somply because of your fantasy team, games will be on TV.

If you have the NFL package through DirecTV, then you get tot pick the game you want. If you don't, you are limited to what the networks give you, depending on where you live.

Here is today's coverage map:

This week, there is only one FOX game. CBS gets to air two.

FOX single game:

49ers /Cardinals is the only late game the network will show today, which means it will be on in quite a few places. It will air in most of California (excluding most of Southern California until San Diego), most of Oregon, part of the south border of Washington, the western third of Nevada, almost all of Arizona, and then in the areas considered the "viewing markets" for Minnesapolis, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Nashville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Boston and Jacksonville.

Eagles/Jets will air in the northeastern states, from most of Pennsylvania all the way to Maine, excluding Boston. It also will air in the Miami viewing market.

Buccaneers/Texans will air in the Houston area, most of Florida (not in the Miami or Jacksonville markets) and part of the southern border of Georgia.

Saints/Panthers can be seen in almost all Louisiana and Mississippi, some border ares in Arkansas and Alabama, almost all South Carolina, in all of North Carolina and then in the western parts of Virginia and West Virginia, as well as some bordering areas in Kentucky and Ohio.

Everyone else will get the FOX Game of the Week -- Falcons/Cowboys.

CBS Early games

Four markets -- Dallas, Houston, Charlotte and New York City -- get no game. per NFL rules.

Jaguars/Patriots will air from Maine to New York (excluding NYC)and a border area in Pennsylvania. It will also air in almost all of Florida, some of southern Georgia and in small border areas in South Carolina and Alabama.

Bengals/Ravens will be on in most of Ohio, a small bordering area in Indiana, part of Kentucky and then in Maryland, the capitol and in parts of Virginia, West Virginia and a small area of Pennsylvania.

Raiders/Browns is going air in northern California down to Bakersfield, parts of Nevada, Oregon and Idaho, a small area in Texas between Houston and Dallas and then in northern Ohio.

Colts/Titans will air in much of Oregon and part of Washington, almost all Indiana, much of Illinois, much of Kentucky, almost all Tennessee and in bordering areas in Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia.

Steelers/Rams and Chargers/Vikings cover the rest of the country, with Steelers/Rams getting the Pacific Northwest corner, most of Arizona, then Texas all the way east to the coast and northeast through Oklahoma all the way to Pennsylvania in areas not already listed previously. The rest of the west and the north get the other game.

CBS Late games

There are only two.

Almost all Arizona does not get one. Bills/Dolphins gets a dot in the middle of Texas, the northeast from Maine to Cleveland and New York City, and in Florida and in bordering areas in Georgia and Alabama.

The rest of the country gets Bears/Seahawks.