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NFL Week 3 early games, Sunday Night Football live reactions and updates

This is your open thread.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Arizona Cardinals are playing a late game, being at home, fans in Arizona only get one early game and then the Sunday night game.

We get to see the Steelers and Rams play and then, for the nightcap, Broncos/Lions.

In terms of rooting for teams, the early game is hard. Cardinals fans tend to hate the Steelers, but you don't really want to root for a division rival to win. That doesn't serve the Cardinals' purposes. For Broncos/Lions, rooting for Denver probably makes the most sense, since the Lions are likely going to be in the mix for a postseason berth. Better to have NFC teams losing to the AFC if the Cardinals aren't involved.

Use this as your open thread for both games.