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Arizona Cardinals afternoon notes with Bruce Arians: Team healthy, too many 49ers fans, Massie rusty, RB depth a good problem

Some notable facts coming from Monday press session with Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Monday afternoon is Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians' weekly "day after" media session. Normally, it isn't something I am able to attend because of "the other job" I have during the week. However, with two weeks off, it allows me to do more Cardinals work.

Here are some of the notable things that came out of the presser with Arians.

  • The team stayed injury-free. No one should miss any time in practice this week. There were the typical "bumps and bruises," but nothing new. Receiver J.J. Nelson is expected to be out this week still (and it makes sense since it was called a two-four week injury). Mike Iupati and Andre Ellington will be limited in practice on Wednesday, but the hope is the both can be available on Sunday to play against the Rams.
  • Arians noted how the team was far from perfect. They "left a lot of yards" on Sunday and the penalties cost the team nearly 100 yards of offense.
  • Bobby Massie was a little rusty in his first game back.
  • The crowd noise was an issue on offense. They had to go with a silent count. Massie was affected. When asked about teaching home fans to stay quiet on offense, Arians noted it wasn't Cardinals fans. 49ers fans had "way too many tickets."
  • Arians said Carson Palmer's image as a player was the result of what happened with the Bengals owners several years ago. He said the perception Palmer has had won't be completely gone until he wins in the playoffs.
  • A lot of factors are helping the running game be better, including better blocking by wide receivers.
  • Getting Andre Ellington healthy is "going to be a good problem to have" for Arians, as both Ellington and Chris Johnson are guys who like to get the ball a lot.
That's it for now. More stories to come.