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2015 Power Rankings: Patriots, Packers trade spots; Cards put Packers on hot seat

The power rankings after three games have been played.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

While the top of the list is still fairly intact the remaining rankings went through a week of movement further down the list.  Frankly, I do have a much different list from last week, but I'll let you all decide if I'm wildly off base with the choices.

If it helps here's my criteria. Based off of games watched and statistics -- if two teams played one another tomorrow and the winner of said game is ranked right above the loser.

RK Team SB Nation Team Blog
1 New England Patriots Pats Pulpit The Patriots may not have the best defense in the league or even the best offense (that title could actually be the Cardinals), but you have to agree the competition they have played has as this point, been tougher with the Roethlisberger led Steelers and the resurgent Buffalo Bills.
2 Green Bay Packers ACME Packing Company They may not have the statistics of the Cardinals, but their competition has been better. Every team they played has been average, even the Bears (still think Cutler is that bad of a QB?). If any team could tumble though, it's them.
3 Arizona Cardinals Revenge of the Birds The Cards are the best team statistically in the NFC averaging 42 points per game offensively and only allowing 16.3 points per game defensively. However, their competition may be the weakest of the top 3 and unless they continue the beatdown with a second division rival the must stay at #3.
4 Buffalo Bills Buffalo Rumblings Forget the narrative, the Bills were making a legitimate comeback against the top ranked Patriots and have controlled games against the Colts and Dolphins. And this is coming from a guy who doesn't particularly like Rex Ryan.
5 Cincinnati Bengals Cincy Jungle Cincy may stumble like in past years later this season, but the offense is top 15 in both passing yards and rushing yards per game with a good defense. That's called balanced. Now, they're 3-0 against two, if not three teams that will be at or above .500 by the end of the season. That's a top 5 team.
6 Denver Broncos Mile High Report Many may call this choice terrible for a 3-0 team, but the Broncos are still a questionable team. They struggled against two average teams and while they have a top 5 defense finally, they are 31st in rushing in the NFL.
7 Pittsburgh Steelers Behind the Steel Curtain Losing Ben Roethlisberger may doom their season, but you can't penalize them for how they might play this upcoming week. Besides if Michael Vick limits his mistakes and relies on Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown the Steelers may come out of Big Ben's injury 2-2.
8 Kansas City Chiefs Arrowhead Pride While two losses are tough to swallow both came against better teams. If Reid will open up the playbook, Jeremy Maclin could become offensive weapon the Chiefs need to complement Travis Kelce and Jamaal Charles. This is one team that could move up very quickly in the rankings.
9 Seattle Seahawks Field Gulls I wanted to put them lower, but couldn't find the justification. The Rams have always had their number and there is no shame in losing to the Packers. This week they beat the Bears, led by Jimmy Clausen. Not impressive, but last year they had a late start too. Oh, and Wilson finally learned the purpose of acquiring Jimmy Graham.
10 Carolina Panthers Cat Scratch Reader Talk about cream puff teams, this juggarnaught has beaten the Jaguars, Texans and Saints - without Drew Brees. However, their schedule gets tougher which will help in determining whether the Panthers have the veteran savvy to win without top wideouts. See what I did there.
11 New York Jets Gang Green Nation Defense can win a lot of games, Ryan Fitzpatrick can lose quite a few as well. Turnovers will continue to plague their offense, but the Eagles defense won't always play that well. Don't be surprised if the Jets defense comes back next week with a vengenace.
12 Atlanta Falcons The Falcoholic Enigma. Only way to describe the Falcons. They barely beat a offensively bad Eagles team, a bottom dwelling Giants team and an injured Cowboys team. They have a top 5 offense and an below average defense. And the schedule only gets easier from this point forward.
13 Minnesota Vikings Daily Norseman Adrian Peterson makes them the second best NFC North team. Always.
14 Oakland Raiders Silver and Black Pride Oakland has a genuine offense behind Derek Carr, Amari Cooper and Latavius Murray.
15 Dallas Cowboys Blogging the Boys Nice that Jerry Jones believes in Brandon Weedon because no one else does.
16 Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Beatdown Three games lost by no more than 5 points.
17 New York Giants Big Blue View Close games in both their losses.
18 San Diego Chargers Bolts from the Blue A win over Detroit isn't looking too good.
19 Indianapolis Colts Stampede Blue What a dumpster fire of a division.
20 St. Louis Rams Turf Show Times But.. Todd Gurley?
21 Detroit Lions Pride of Detroit
22 Tennesee Titans Music City Miracles
23 Cleveland Browns Dawgs by Nature
24 Jacksonville Jaguars Big Cat Country
25 Miami Dolphins The Phinsider
26 Philadelphia Eagles Bleeding Green Nation
27 San Francisco 49ers Niners Nation
28 Washington Redskins Hogs Haven
29 Houston Texans Battle Red Blog
30 New Orleans Saints Canal Street Chronicles
31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bucs Nation
32 Chicago Bears Windy City Gridiron