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Cardinals vs. Broncos, preseason 2015: Predictions for the preseason finale

Pick the score, share the score.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

With the Arizona Cardinals playing the Denver Broncos Thursday night in both teams' preseason finale, it is the type of game you can't really predict. Both teams are sitting their starters and it will be a matchup of players mostly battling for a spot on the back of the 53-man roster or a spot on the practice squad. That doesn't mean we shouldn't try and pick the final score.

Phillip Sims will start for the Cardinals and Brock Osweiler will play for the Denver Broncos.

Using the widget below, make your pick for the game and final score. After you do, share that score in the comments below. See who can get the closest. Once you make your prediction, you can see the average pick from our ROTB community, the average score chosen over at Mile High Report, as well as how Crowd's Line (who created the widget) and Vegas see the game going.

Have fun and happy picking!