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2015 NFL countdown: 10 days till kickoff and Cardinals jersey No. 10

Just a week and a half away.

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

With 10 days left until the Arizona Cardinals open the regular season at home against the New Orleans Saints. It is so close. In fact, after Thursday night's game, the preseason is over. YAY!

So we look at jersey No. 10, which now belongs to receiver Brittan Golden. He appears to have the inside track to earning the sixth receiver spot on the 53-man  roster.

Before Golden, we have seen a few undrafted receivers -- Gerrel Robinson (former ASU Sun Devil), Brandyn Harvey and Max Komar.

The best to wear No. 10 was a punter we all remember -- Scott Player. He was the last player to use the single-bar facemask. He made the Cardinals undrafted in 1998 and was the team's punter until 2006. He made the Pro Bowl once.

Do you have any other 10 memories? The full list is here.