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Podcast:All is good with the Arizona Cardinals after 47-7 win over 49ers

Listen and Seth and Jess go back and talk about the 47-7 win.

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The Arizona Cardinals got a 47-7 victory on Sunday over the Arizona Cardinals. At 3-0, there is a ton to discuss and Seth Cox and I got together for our Week 3 review on the All Cardinals show on Revenge of the Birds Radio.

Is it 2009?

Chris Johnson, Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald, all in their 30s and believed by many to be all but washed up, look like they did several years ago.

Seth and I talk about all three and how Fitz looks is exactly what Bruce Arians envisioned when he was hired. He is getting easy matchups and wide open looks. It is happening because of the other threats and because of the successful running game, which allows him to be a threat in the play action game.

Chris Johnson is showing he can be the steady back the Cardinals have not had. In 22 carries, he only had one negative play.

And Palmer...he is playing at the level he was expected to do a decade ago when he was emerging among the elite.

We talked about Bobby Massie's return and crowd noise. Plus, a look ahead to the St. Louis QB assassins.

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