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Cardinals vs. Broncos: Wow play of the game

Arizona Cardinals vs. Denver Broncos: What was the play of of the game? Get your vote in.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals preseason game four against the Denver Broncos may not have included the starters, but it did provide plenty of plays that flashed as the potential wow play of the game. Here are a few candidates for play of the game.

I got it, I got it...No, I got it, see?

Phillip Sims has been consistent give his opportunities, leading the team into scoring situations and capitalizing. His start against the Broncos was no different as Sims found the end zone, however, not the target he expected. At the snap, Sims looked to his right for Ifeanyi Momah who was in the corner of the end zone. Sims let the ball go, a nice spiral that was on target for Momah when all of a sudden a red and white blur that is all 232# of Paul Lasike struck, snatching the ball from the air and Momah all in one well timed strike.

Bombs away!

When Logan Thomas unleashed the football from that circus cannon arm of his, the camera guy really had to pan hard right to find J.J. Nelson running away from his defender. It was a perfect throw and catch, a well read play by the young QB and an even great effort by Nelson to find the end zone after being tripped up from behind by the defender. The speedy WR surged forward, fighting to stay off the ground and as rewarded with six points and a notch in the highlight reel. All in all a 59 yard play I'd be ok with repeats of.

Never ending scramble sack

Finding himself under pressure, Broncos QB Trevor Siemian started to scramble backward, the Cards defense continued to chase the retreating QB. At one point in time I was certain Siemian was retreating to the locker room to retrieve something, that's how far back he had scrambled. Showing motor and tenacity, Gabe Martin tracked Siemian down, sacking the QB for a 15 yard loss.

Ever play hot potato?

Chris Clemons picked off Trevor Siemian, his effort taking him to the ground. Still live, Clemons hops up to start a return and literally purges himself of the football after taking a step. With a heads up play, the nearby Harold Jones-Quartey scooped up the loose pigskin and managed to pick up another four yards in the mayhem.


Sure it was only 9 yards, up the gut of the defense, but only 9 yards. Shush, Kerwynn Williams proves he's a keeper for this team. He runs hard: outside, inside, goal line, doesn't matter. Williams is productive and finds way to get six. This run of 9 yards for a score forces the Cards brass to take a serious look at Williams for a roster spot, adding this unheralded back as that safety net.

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