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2015 NFL countdown: 9 days to kickoff and Cardinals No. 9

This number doesn't have much.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There are nine days until the start of the Arizona Cardinals regular season. So now we focus on a number not currently used.

No. 9 was used until early in the week. It belonged to punter Dave Zastudil, who was cut after losing the punting job to Drew Butler. Zastudil punted for Arizona beginning in 2011, when he was brought in by head coach Ken Whisenhunt to compete with Ben Graham.

Zasty was really good, especially in 2012, when he set a record for punts inside the 20. He almost set a record for punts in a season. That's not so exciting.

Other than Zasty, the list is pretty anonymous. Yes, Jim McMahon wore it when he was a Cardinal. He even started a game for the Cards. I tried to forget that, actually.

Another QB, Jim Root (I am pretty sure he is not related to me) wore it. He started six games in 1953 when the team was in Chicago. He never won a game.

I can't imagine you have many 9 memories, but share them.The full list is here.