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2015 NFL roster cuts: Which Arizona Cardinals cuts will land on practice squad?

Arizona will bring 10 players in, some from those who were cut.

The final cuts are in for all 32 NFL teams, including the Arizona Cardinals. Roughly 700 players lost their jobs. However, for more than 300 of them, the dream is still alive because teams can begin putting together their 10-man practice squads after players clear waivers.

Which players are candidates to return for the Arizona Cardinals? Let's look at some of those players.

Logan Thomas, Phillip Sims not coming back

Neither player is likely to be back. Arizona already has three quarterbacks on the roster. Bruce Arians has said how few reps there are even for the third guy in practice. How could they keep a fourth guy? Sims was a nice story and perhaps he returns later, but when the team traded for Matt Barkley, his chances were done.

Thomas is less likely. The trade for Barkley made one thing clear -- the team has given up on Logan Thomas. They apparently have seen enough and believe he is most definitely not going to be a franchise quarterback and not even an able backup. Why else would they trade for a guy who has accomplished less and doesn't have the same physical tools?

RB Kerwynn Williams

You will almost always see a running back on practice squads. They get hurt. While Marion Grice was a possibility, his getting waived/injured gets rid of that possibility for now. Williams might get claimed off waivers, but he would likely return if he isn't. He didn't make the roster because the runners ahead of him were better and Stepfan Taylor, who is the fourth RB, does the other things much better.

WR Jaxon Shipley

Again, this comes with the caveat he has to go unclaimed, but he would be a perfect candidate. The coaching staff was impressed with him from the time he was brought in. He just doesn't have the niche on special teams Brittan Golden does.

S Harold Jones-Quartey

The report out already says he will be back if he clears waivers. He is physical. He is big. He is what the Cardinals like in a safety.

G/C Anthony Steen

They really liked him last year. His versatility is valuable if either A.Q. Shipley or Lyle Sendlein gets hurt.

T Rob Crisp

He was given one of the biggest signing bonuses among the undrafted rookies the Cardinals brought in, but he was among first cuts. The team typically has another tackle on the practice squad. Either he will be back or the team will grab someone else

LB Gabe Martin

The team liked him quite a bit, but like the potential of Alani Fua. Martin is similar to both Kevin Minter and Kenny Demens.

CB Cariel Brooks

He was a guy mentioned by Patrick Peterson as having a good camp. Bruce Arians gave him praise after a game. He picked off a pass and scored. He doesn't have the size the Cards typically like at corner, but I could see him back again.


These just happen to be the players I believe are most likely to return to the team.