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2015 NFL countdown: 7 days till the start of the season and Cardinals No. 7

One week away!

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We are only one week away from the start of the regular season for the Arizona Cardinals. Their opener against the Saints is seven days away.

So let's look at jersey No. 7.

Catman (kicker Chandler Catanzaro) wears the number now. He was one of the teams best offseason acquisitions last year, as he made the team as an undrafted rookie and then made his first 17 field goals. He had some trouble this preseason, but he has the leg and the ability to stick around the league for a long time.

Do you remember who wore No. last? It was Matt Leinart, the guy we thought would be the Cardinals' starting quarterback after Kurt Warner retired. Instead, he was cut and never accomplished anything in the league. I guess Ken Whisenhunt was right in cutting him, even though it seemed weird at the time.

Quarterbacks Steve Beuerlein and Boomer Esiason wore it in the 90s. Esiason was in the twilight of his career and ended up hating the Cardinals because he was benched in favor of Kent Graham so the team did not have to pay him an incentive in his contract.

Beuerlein showed some promise in 1993 as a starter in Joe Bugel's last year as head coach. He threw for over 3000 yards, but then after Buddy Ryan came, the offense was destroyed. Beuerlein eventually became a decent starter after age 30 and even made a Pro Bowl in 1999, when he threw for over 4400 yards and had 36 touchdowns for the Panthers. He played 14 years in the NFL.

Jim Hart, the team's leading passer all-time wore No. 7, but only in his rookie season, when he appeared in one game. he wore 17 the rest of his career.

Do you have any over "7" memories? The full, but short list is here.