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2015 NFL practice squad: TE Brandon Bostick reportedly joining Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals adding a tight end to the practice squad.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While the Arizona Cardinals seem to be able to keep their moves under wraps, there are some rumors coming. We have heard about a couple of players who are reportedly coming to join the team's practice squad -- Lawrence Okoye and Robert Nelson. We have one other name, based on the player's own tweet.

That would be tight end Brandon Bostick.

This could mean a tryout or a practice squad deal, but it sounds more like the practice squad.

Bostick is a guy whose name you have heard. Remember when the Seattle Seahawks rallied to win the NFC Championship game in part of a botched onside kick? The guy who botched it, trying to catch the ball instead of  blocking and letting Jordy Nelson catch it was none other than Bostick.

Bostick doesn't fit the tight end mold the Cardinals tend to like. The four guys the Cardinals kept at the position are all at least 6-5. Bostick is 6-3, 250. Perhaps he could be the sort of tight end/H-back Bruce Arians likes to have.

If he is a practice squad player, he would be one of the two players who wouldn't normally qualify, but does because of eligibility changes last year. He has appeared in 24 games in two seasons. He has nine catches and two touchdowns in his NFL career.

He was released in the offseason by the Green Bay Packers. He joined the Minnesota Vikings, but was among the team's first cuts.