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2015 NFL countdown: 6 days left and Cardinals jersey No. 6

No one has it now.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With six days left until the Arizona Cardinals kick off their regular season, we look at a jersey number that is now unused.

No. 6 has only been used a few times in history. Most recently, it belonged to quarterback Logan Thomas, who was drafted in the fourth round last year and was recently cut by the Cardinals after the team traded for Matt Barkley. In his pro career, Thomas was 1/8 for a touchdown.

Before Thomas, we have fantastic quarterbacks like Max Hall and Brian Hoyer who wore the number.

A guy I have absolutely zero memory of is Tim Duncan, a kicker who was apparently on the team in 2003. He wore No. 6. I guess he was a kickoff specialist because he appeared in all 16 games, but only attempted 10 field goals and six extra points. No, he is not the basketball player.

The first guy to wear it was Joe Nedney, a kicker who was on the 1998 playoff teams, but because of an injury didn't kick down the stretch.

Do you have any 6 memories? The full list is here!