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Podcast: Reviewing the Arizona Cardinals playoff win vs. Green Bay and looking ahead to Carolina Panthers

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Seth and Jess talk some Arizona Cardinals football.

We have another Revenge of the Birds Radio podcast episode. Naturally it has to do with the thrilling 26-20 overtime playoff victory the Arizona Cardinals had over the Green Bay Packers. Seth Cox and I went back over the game and discussed many of the storylines and things from the game.

We discussed the questionable playcalling, the officiating, the coin flip and how ridiculous it was the Packers were complaining about the overtime rule.

Where does it rank among all-time great Cardinals games? We answer that.

Did the Cardinals play well? We discuss that.

What about the play of Carson Palmer? Is it nerves, the playoff monkey, or perhaps does it have to do with his finger?

We also look ahead to the NFC Championship Game and the matchup with the Carolina Panthers. How confident are we the Cardinals can win? What matchups will give the Cardinals trouble and where do they match up well?

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