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Cardinals vs. Panthers score updates, 2nd half game thread

Arizona is down 17. Can they bounce back?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Arizona Cardinals knew they needed to get off to a good start. They didn't. They fell behind early 17-0 and enter halftime down 24-7, despite having opportunities to come back. Arizona has turned the ball over four times, including three times late in the second quarter. They enter the second half down 17.

Now, it is notable the Seahawks were down to the Panthers 31-0 in the first half, but scored 24 in the second half. Arizona is still within striking distance, but they can't keep turning the ball over.

Carolina has suffered some key injuries. They lost safety Roman Harper to an eye injury. It appears Thomas Davis will not return after an arm injury. Center Ryan Kalil is questionable to return.

There has been really only one briyght spot for the Cardinals -- rookie running back David Johnson, who has 83 yards of offense, including the team's lobe touchdown.

Carson Palmer threw an interception after a Patrick Peterson interception. He fumbled. Patrick Peterson muffed a punt.

Ted Ginn has burned the Cardinals.

It doesn't look great, but there is another half of football to play.

Who is with me? Go Cardinals!

This is your open thread.


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