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Podcast: Looking back at the Arizona Cardinals loss, talking Carson Palmer and Super bowl 50

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We're not quite ready to go into full offseason mode.

With the Arizona Cardinals losing on Sunday to the Carolina Panthers 49-15 and having their season come to an abrupt end, Seth Cox and I had to get one final review podcast up in which we could wrap up the Cardinals season. We do not yet go into the offseason -- we will do that next week. Instead it is a look back at what was completely shocking for Cardinals fans.

We talk about what the most disappointing and shocking parts of the loss were and what happened.

What did happen?

Essentially, the Panther were as good as they could have played, and the Cardinals played as poorly as they could have. The fact that the Ryan Lindley-led Cardinals in a league record for offensive futility last year scored more points than this year's record-setting offense did against the Panthers is telling.

We go over who didn't play well...and really how only three players did play well -- David Johnson, J.J. Nelson and (gasp) Drew Butler.

Oh, and we talk about Carson Palmer and address some of the nonsense. Is he just a playoff choker? Was it his finger? Can the Cardinals never win a championship if he is their quarterback? Is he done after his six-turnover performance? Should the Cardinals cut ties and move on?

We also talk about the upcoming Super Bowl between the Panthers and the Broncos and how this year's Cardinals greatly resembles the 2013 Broncos team that got obliterated by the Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

This was a longer show than we have had in the last few weeks, so sit back and relax. Have a listen using the streaming player above or below, or feel free to download the show directly and save for later, using this link. You can also subscribe to the show on iTunes or on Stitcher Radio.

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