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You can't keep this honey badger down or caged in...that means Tyrann Mathieu is coming back strong, right?

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Let's hope he is.

We all know Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu is known as the Honey Badger. We have probably at some point seen the video that made the honey badger famous -- how he doesn't give a ****. But I ran into this fun honey badger video and we can hope Mathieu is as resilient in coming back from his knee injury.

This badger can't be kept in his cage or pen. He is smart enough to get out of all of them.

Mathieu recently had surgery to repair his ACL recently. He came back already once from a more serious knee injury, but it is his second torn ACL since entering the league in 2013. Can he be as impossible to keep down?

Let's hope so. His 2015 season earned him Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors. He is due to get a huge offseason contract extension. The team and the fans are counting on the fact he will be as able to come back from injury as this honey badger is at getting out of his pen.