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2016 Senior Bowl: Hot takes, Carson Wentz, Braxton Miller and more in latest draft podcast

Get some good draft talk focused on the Senior Bowl.

The Senior Bowl is over, but draft talk is not. If there is a podcast you should follow this time of year (aside from our very own Revenge of the Birds Radio), it is Seth Cox's Draft Breakdown podcast. In his latest episode, he and his cohost Justin Higdon discuss a lot of the hot takes from the Senior Bowl.

They discuss quarterback Carson Wentz. One take is he is going to get drafted number two overall by the Browns. However, some say the hype is overblown.

Higdon got himself into a little trouble with Jack Allen a 6-2, 296-pound center. Higdon suggested he is a little undersized and Allen's strength coach attacked him. It was funny.

Seth and Justin talk about receiver Braxton Miller, who is one of the bigger names of the draft right now. They talk about whether or not he will get drafted highly. Could he be a top 50 pick? They think so.

Other names they discuss --

Kenyon Drake, a running back from Alabama. Some say he could be like Reggie Bush in he NFL. Seth and Justin think it is a bad comparison, especially considering the star Bush was in college and the fact Nick Saban loves to rotate backs and he didn't this year with Derrick Henry.

Jihad Ward -- a DE out of Illinois -- has been compared to Ziggy Ansah. Ward wasn't very productive is senior year. Higdon downplays the hype.

They talk about Ohio State linebacker Jaylon Smith and the talk of how he could be ready to play Week 1 of the 2016 NFL season, despite suffering his serious knee injury just four weeks ago.