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Podcast: Takeaways from loss to Seahawks and looking ahead to NFL playoffs

Should we be concerned moving forward and which teams should the Cardinals want to face?

With the regular season coming to a close for the Arizona Cardinals, it was time to get another podcast episode in. Seth Cox and I recorded a show discussing the Week 17 36-6 loss to the Seattle Seahawks and the NFL playoffs.

The loss to Seattle was no good. But are there are any takeaways to be had from the game? The hosts discuss that and the overall answer is no, although both Seth and I explain our thoughts on why that game was important for Seattle and not necessarily for the Cardinals.

Should the Cardinals be concerned moving forward, especially with the possibility of facing Seattle later? I believe fans shouldn't be any more concerned than before. Seth believes a game against the Seattle would be a coin flip.

Then, talking about the postseason, we go over each of the three possible divisional round opponents and discuss their strengths and weaknesses, as well as talk about which team we want to see the Cardinals play. We agree that Minnesota is the scariest team to face if healthy because they are a better version of the St. Louis Rams, a team that gives the Cardinals trouble.

I want the Redskins because I slightly fear the repeat matchup against a team the Cardinals already beat. Seth wants Green Bay because he thinks they are terrible.

Enjoy the show. Use the streaming player above or below to listen, or use this link to download the show directly and listen to it later.